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Impact Energy is the fastest growing locally owned & operated full-service solar company in Colorado.  We're building with good people doing great work.   

Our Culture

We believe in Integrity, Mastery, Purpose, Attitude, Community & Teamwork.  At Impact, culture is achieving more together than we could alone, and having more fun together than could have alone! 

Our Leadership

We believe that everything rises and falls on leadership.  It's the difference between working a job and being passionate about a career.  Our solar professionals lead by example, and are enthusiastic about helping you achieve your own unique definition of success.


We believe that rewarding the hustle brings the absolute best out of us!  Whether we're winning vacations in Hawaii, a new Tesla, or fresh Impact gear, the fruits of our labor are ripe for the taking!


We pay in direct proportion to your results. You control the work, you control the pay - and there is never any limit!  

Career Advancement

You have the opportunity to advance your career as quickly as you can master the process. We empower our sales reps to grow into advanced roles based on their performance, not time restrictions or politics.

Our Purpose

We strive to make a positive Impact on the Planet, your Wallet & our Community.  At Impact Energy, our mission is to accelerate the community's transition to solar by saving money for the customer, making great money ourselves, and saving the planet.  We call it a Win-Win-Win. 

Our Values

Impact Energy's core values are more than just words, they’re the guiding principles in which we live every day.  We are committed to only hiring winners who align with our values:
- Integrity
- Mastery
- Purpose
- Attitude
- Community
- Teamwork

Ready to Make An Impact?!

Come Join The Impact Family!

Fill out some basic information & we'll reach out to you to answer all your questions, and see if this is a good fit for you.